Thursday, 24 November 2011

Urban sketchers in Clermont-Ferrand

Urban sketchers are always easy to spot - they are the ones whipping out their books as soon as there is a little break in the proceedings, obsessively sketching each other over dinner, and plonked down in the middle of streets and squares diligently scribbling away. Here are a few images and sketches of the sketchers at C-L during the 12th Rendezvous du Carnet de Voyage:

mario linhares' students
The students of Mario Linhares, visiting from Portugal and to be found sketching around town during the festival...
student sketchingstudent sketching

mario's students at work

And Gerard Michel from Belgium, doing one of this detailed architectural sketches...
gerard sketching at clermont-ferrand

I did a sketch of him sketching at our dinner Sunday evening, where a bunch of us met up at the Crèperie 1513 - you can see him here in the upper right:

sketchers at the sunday dinner

Here are a few more dinner sketches:
miguel and monica
nina and roger
david / emdé

you can see the rest in my set on Flickr - my rendez vous with C-L

And a final dinner sketch, which was actually the first one - meeting up with Kim Marohn and Martine Kervagoret of the Paris sketchers on our way down:
sketching with martine and kim at l'arrosoir
paris sketchers

I did loads of sketching every day on this trip, but most of it was in other people's sketchbooks and I forgot to take photos. A few more sketches from the trip are still left to post though - more tomorrow.


  1. Ea, it was a pleasure to see you there.
    Congrats for your work and exhibition. On the last day I was not there. We came back to Portugal sunday morning.

    Yes, we have to put together that trip to the north. It must be a wonderfull country to sketch and live.

    What is the best month to visit Denmark?

  2. Thank you, Mario.
    Unless you like darkness and cold, it is best to visit between April and September. The weather is unpredictable - summer temperatures may vary between 15 and 30 degrees, with 20-25 being most usual for daytime. Sometimes we have wet, grey summers, sometimes they are warm and sunny. It is one of the benefits of an insular climate - we never know how the weather will be!

  3. Ea - great posts from france - looks like it was a really productive trip for you! x

  4. Hi Ruth! Very busy trip - I wish I'd had time to go sketching in town, the weather was lovely. Winter is setting in for real here now - temperatures are plummeting.

  5. Ok Ea

    And you are there to receive us at any time?
    Maybe in the week before Easter. I'm preparing a sketchbook retreat in Rome between 29 March and 2 April. After that we can fly to Copenhagen (maybe 3 April) and come back to Portugal at 8 April.
    What you think?

    Maybe we should talk by email...

  6. Hi Ea, I'm finally catching up on this. Great reportage! It was wonderful to see you two, if only for a short while. Glad to see how well your trip went. Cheers!