Thursday, 28 April 2011


I made a date with my sketch-buddy Anette on the last international sketchcrawl, Saturday April 16th. We tried to round up a few more people, but again without luck - it's amazing how difficult it is to get a group of sketchers together in this town considering the number of art schools etc. We'll keep on trying - if you're local please join us next time around, it would be great to have a group, and you don't need to be experienced to take part.

We met at Løves Bog og Vin at 10:30 for a cup of coffee and the first sketches:
our table at løve's

Anette had been working on perspective lately, which inspired us both to draw a view including the passage towards the back room:
løve's bog & vin

I don't have pictures of Anette's drawings, but you can see a few photos from the day in her Flickr stream.

workingsketching at løve's bog & vin café

We moved on to Pustervig square, where we found a table outside Café Jorden under the heaters:
our tablesketching at café jorden


We both wanted to sketch at the small outdoor market on Bispetorv square, so we concluded the sketchcrawl there, borrowing a couple of cases from the one-armed flower lady and her daughter to sit on while we sketched:
market stall on bispetorvsketchbook

market stall

Quite a few people stopped to look and talk to us while we were sketching here, all very friendly.

On the way home I did a little quick sketching at the bus stop and on my ride home:
agnethe og havmandenon the bus

As you can see I decided to use the homemade sketchbook with assorted papers on this crawl, and sketched on various types of paper during the day.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Aarhus sketch-crawl

International sketch-crawl tomorrow. Meet up in Aarhus is 10:30 at Løve's bog og vin café - late starters can catch up on Pustervig at 11:30.


I will be there, and hopefully my sketching mojo will show up as well - it's been MIA for several weeks now.

If you are in Aarhus I hope to see you tomorrow, armed with a sketchbook and brush/pen/pencil!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Homemade sketchbook

I've been wanting a sketchbook with a variety of paper in for a while, rather than just the same kind of paper throughout. Since I can't find this type of book anywhere I finally decided to make my own.

sketchbook process

I made a simple single signature sketchbook with a cover of stiff cardstock - it's not very complicated to do. I cut the papers I wanted to size and stacked them neatly, keeping them together with clips. I cut the cover to the same height but ½ cm wider to protect the edges of the pages, scored down the middle with a blunt paper knife, and marked where I wanted to punch holes for sewing.

Here are the stacked pages clipped onto the cover and marked for punching. I used my old dry point needle to make the holes:
sketchbook process

I placed the sketchbook on a folded blanket so I could push the needle right through - you can see how the holes pass right through the cover here:
sketchbook process

The thread I used for sewing is a strong waxed thread laid double. I punched five holes in the spine and started in the middle one - I will make a diagram if anyone is interested:
sketchbook process

Now the book is being blocked under a stack of heavy books - I'm leaving it there for the next 2-3 days and hoping it will then stay closed. I forgot to fold the papers of the signature individually first so it might take a little longer than it would otherwise have done, but I'm counting on it not making any difference apart from that.