Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New sketchbook journal


The new book is a travelogue handbook from Global Art Materials Inc., and the paper is very different from the thick, smooth and tinted paper in the Moleskine sketchbooks that I have been using for the past years.


0.4 mm Artline pen, brown and green Pitt brush marker, and yellow ochre Polychromos colour pencil on the cup. Allsorts on the title page.


  1. Hope to see it with many drawings to come! Enjoy it.

  2. Good luck with the new book. I'm on my second handbook sketchbook now. I like the paper quite a bit. I think the tooth of the paper is better for graphite than the moleskines. I use the pitt pens on them quite a bit. Some fountain pens are a bit scratchy though.

  3. Thank you, hfm.

    Carolyn - I find the markers work well, and there's no bleeding through to the next page, but with the colour pencils I tend to work them into the paper in a way that leaves indentations on the following 2-3 pages which is annoying. I'll try graphite today - I've done too little pencil drawing over the past years, and maybe this book can make me return to an old love there. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this book. :)

  4. its true... i used the moleskine notebook too, but the handbook are much better. i love that i can add any media and the pages doesn't damage.