Friday, 10 February 2012

The art of urban sketching

I finally received my copy of this book about urban sketching, featuring a large number of artists from around the world.

the art of urban sketching

There is a spread on sketching in Aarhus, with an artist's profile on me.

aarhus spread with artist's profile

Also a wide variety of sections on sketching various subjects under diverse conditions all around the globe.


I'm looking forward to reading through this, getting a look behind the scenes of various urban sketchers at work, and just enjoying the many beautiful illustrations throughout. It's nice to be published in such good company!
Check out the Urban Sketchers organisation behind this book, which is curated and put together by Urban Sketchers founder Gabi Campanario, on our site The book is available worldwide through Amazon (where you can also have a look inside the book), or try asking for it at your local bookstore.


  1. Hello. I want to ask where you got your copy of the book. Did you order it from Amazon or from one of the local bookstores (National/Fully Booked/PowerBooks)?

    1. This is a complimentary copy of the book, mailed to me by the publishers. I know they are re-printing to meet demand, but you may also be able to find it locally in bookstores where you live. You could check out and ask a more local correspondent which bookstores might carry it. Good luck.