Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sketching together

I met up with Marie, Inge, Marvin and Anette at the local museum of natural history today.

anette sketchingturtle doves
anettes turtle dove watercolour

marvin sketchingour sketchbooks

Since I didn't get around to sketching any bones the last time I visited, I decided to start out with the skulls this time around:
african predators

I also wanted to sketch some of the birds, but ended up just doing this cheeky lady - a rook:

The rest of my sketches were of the other sketchers - I only missed one this time around:
the littlest sketcher
sketching the sketcher

And the entire spread from this round:
museum of natural history accordion, part 2
view larger

All done in a pocket accordion Moleskine using markers, (water)colour pencils, and a graphite pencil.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of sketches...I especially like the skulls! I have never tried an accordion make it look very appealing. Anette has an palette of lovely, earthy colors.