Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sketching in town

Impromptu meet-up with sketchbuddy Anette today. We started out at Folkekøkkenet, Godsbanen - the place has some great architecture, which we weren't up to tackling today, so we settled for some simpler subjects.

Here is Anette's sketch of the brunch buffet:
Anette's sketches

I had a go at sketching her while she was busy:
sketching the sketcher


Afterwards we went on to Aros Museum, which also has some spectacular architecture, especially inside. I spotted the current groundfloor installation - a fatboy palette - and just had to do a sketch of it. Looking down from the floor above:
fatboy palette

fatboy palette

Anette did a sketch of the street-performer sculpture, which always fools first time visitors - here it is in progress:
Anette's sketches

Watercolour in the A4 watercolour Moleskine today - I brought my little palette, a waterbrush and a selection of watercolour pencils.

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