Saturday, 16 June 2012

A visit

Yesterday Luis Simoes, a portugese sketcher traveling the world for the next several years with his sketchbooks, arrived in Aarhus. (You can read a bit about his project here)

a day early

We looked through his sketchbooks, heard about the trip this far, and talked a lot of sketching! Today I went sketching with him in town, and a day of frequent showers and mellow temperatures kept us alternating between indoor and outdoor sketching.

wake-up sketch

We started out with a wake-up sketch over the breakfast table, and I tried out the Pentel brushpen in my small pocket sketchbook - today I managed to find new cartridges in town, and I will no longer have to economise on the ink.

over breakfast

The ink brushpen works really well in the moleskine sketchbooks with the coating to absorb the ink quickly and cleanly.


In town we did a few quick sketches by the canal, before being chased off by a persistent shower.


We moved on to Aros Museum, and went up on the roof to experience, and sketch inside, Olafur Eliasson's installation Your Rainbow Panorama - you can see some of my photos taken inside the installation earlier in this post: yellow. Afterwards we moved down to the ground floor where we both sketched Ron Mueck's sculpture Boy.


We rounded off the day with a bit of sax and a bite at a cafe.

saxophone quartetlunch

All the sketches of the day were done in my pocket moleskine using markers, colour pencils, and a pentel brushpen.


  1. what a fun day, Ea! sketches speak by their self how much you've enjoyed the company! love them!

  2. Yes, so nice to go sketching with some new company. When are you going to come and sketch with me? ;)

  3. Sketches speak for themselves :) Wonderful person, keep us posted :)