Saturday, 7 July 2012

Late night Skyrim

Sketching the other daughter at the PlayStation for once. It got quite dark and I ended up overworking the face.

late night drawinglate night drawing

click through image for larger view

Watercolour with waterbrush, and watercolour pencils. This is the last spread in my large A4 watercolour sketchbook - I will have to go to town on Monday and get a new one.


  1. nice, Ea! that's the way to do it! looks like you're diving deeper and deeper into the media and getting great qualities. Love the face expression here! Skyrim, is it good?

    1. Thanks, Marina. I am enjoying experimenting - at least I enjoy it most of the time, especially when I'm just playing around and not obsessing over the result!
      Skyrim is quite popular in this house, and raking up a large number of hours spent playing. It's an adventure game, with (undead?!?) dragons. I don't have the patience for PlayStation myself, but the girls enjoy playing.