Monday, 10 December 2012



Messy sketch

Watercolour and watercolour pencils in sketchbook journal. A bit of a mess...


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    1. Thank you, Ruth. Hoping to find time and quiet to write you over the holidays!

  2. Hi Ea! I'm visiting your blog, hoping it will motivate me going back to skeching regulardly. Of course, I'm thinking that while I'm still pregnant, and then I won't have time...

    Your sketch is wonderful! I love the very clean light and how effortless the sketching feels. What size is your sektchbook?

    Also, this den reminds me very much of my own, though I'm definitely no teenager!

    Helene (Nassima)

    1. Hélène, hello! So sorry I haven't written you yet - I really hope to find the time and quiet over the holidays - once we get past the worst of the cooking and hosting I aim to spend time writing letters. I have a little something ready to send you for the new family member... ;)

    2. Oh, and to answer your question - this is a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, about 20x13 cm with a double spread at 40x13 cm. I used the larger version over the summer, which gave me a lot of room to play around, but this one is easier to keep on the table by the sofa, which means I actually do get some sketching done in the evenings a few times a week. Try keeping your drawing materials (just a minimal kit) beside wherever you collapse in the evenings, and you might get some sketching done that way - it works for me :)