Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fountain pen with Ecoline liquid watercolour

I haven't dared fill my Lamy Safari with waterproof ink - I change tools so often, I am afraid it will dry out and become ruined. Instead I filled it with Ecoline ink/liquid watercolour in Burnt Siena. I tried it out in the Stillman and Birn sketchbook on a sofa-drawing:

Lamy pen and Ecoline ink

Now it is in my pocket sketchkit for the time being, together with a waterbrush I can use with it - the Ecoline remains water-soluble after it dries, so I can make washes by painting over the lines with water:

waiting for the bus

These are in my new little pocket Miquelrius from Barcelona - a sketch at the bus stop, and a couple more from one of the Aarhus cafes.

Coffee drinkers

Coffee drinkers

A young woman came up and asked to see my sketchbook at the cafe - she took a photo of the middle sketch with her phone. Maybe she will drop by the blog and see the scan here :)


  1. I use a talens ecoline watercolor (311 vermillion) in my Schaeffer 100 as primary writing color. It's a fantastic alternative to "real" inks.

  2. I use Ecoline Watercolor ink in Sepia in my fountain pen for sketching and like it very much.
    It's a great alternative, with lots of colors to choose and I think is easy to clean.
    Great post!